Trees is a 16x20x1/2 canvas. 100% torn paper collage. This collage piece is available for $75, shipping only to the…

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I have always been a maker of some kind or another. Over the years I have been an author of books for children, a poet, a teacher, a photographer, and an artist.

Making things has always been my way of finding my way in the world.

When I create something new, it is meant to be shared. It is that connection that completes the creative circle.

When my words or art or photographs connect to someone else I feel the energy move between us, the emotional threads from my life begin to intertwine with theirs and neither of us is left untouched.

Studio Tour

Where does the magic happen? I am lucky enough to have a studio in which to work (okay, play) and store my vast supply of materials. And if I am honest, that space spills over into other rooms as well. In addition to the studio I have taken over the big hall closet for all my fabric and I have two desks in the living room, one for sewing and one for painting. Come take a walk around with me and see where I play and how I store my art supplies.

View studio tour on YouTube.

Find Copyright Free Images

Great images are an important key to creating a beautiful journal. The Internet is a huge digital library filled with wonderful images to fit any theme of your art project. The key is to do is legally. Just because you find it via Google doesn’t mean it is okay for you use and resell and Pinterest is NOT another word for public domain. Finding images to use that are copyright free and in the public domain doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are willing to put in the time, there are lots of great sites to visit and track down that elusive “just right” image.

Make Ahead Embellishments

Ephemera and embellishments for junk journals come in many shapes and sizes and degrees of difficulty. I like to keep things simple, especially for ephemera that I want to make ahead of a finished project. In an ideal world I would have stacks of ephemera just waiting to be added to a journal when it is finished. Here are some of my favorite make-ahead projects for ephemera and embellishments. 

View the complete Make Ahead Ephemera playlist on YouTube.