Blue Meander Book of Reading

This little book folds up into a tiny 1.5″ square. It is a called a meander book and is designed to be read in any direction, left to right, upside, and backwards. Unfold it to see it all. This particular meander book features vintage photos of people reading with unique quotes about reading.

This book is in a private collection but I would be happy to make one for you.

Eco Printing Show & Tell
Batch 1-2019 Eco Printing with frozen leaves

Eco Printing Show & Tell

I finally had a chance to do my first batch of eco printing and leaf impressions for 2019. I was really pleased with how they came out, especially since all the leaves had been in the freezer!

You can see a show and tell of all the pretty papers in this video.


Trees is a 16x20x1/2 canvas. 100% torn paper collage.

This collage piece is available for $75, shipping only to the United States. (sorry)

Certifiable Dogs

This mini book is made from recycled 3×5 index cards which have been painted and I added collage. The book is 22 pages.The pictures are from magazines and napkins. Text is from old books.

This book is available.


This mini book is made from recycled business cards that have been painted. The book is 34 pages and features vintage photographs of people reading and quotes about reading. The binding is a black tied binding.

This book is available and will soon be listed in my shop.


This is a mixed media collage piece on canvas. The text features an excerpt from one of my original poems.

This collage is SOLD but please sign up for my newsletter so you can be informed when I add new work to the shop.

Tiny Book of Verbs

This is a tiny book of verbs. It measures about 1-1/8″ tall and about 3/4″ wide. This started off as scraps of magazine text in my scrap box and I was just going to play around with putting a book together, you know, practice. It decided it wanted to morph into something else.

The pictures are from an old dictionary I had that was falling apart. The pages were so brittle they were breaking as I picked them up so I figured to use up what I could save. The fibers are some from handmade paper and some from sari silk scraps.

This tiny book is available.