I have always been a maker of some kind or another. Over the years I have been an author of books for children, a poet, a teacher, a photographer, and an artist. I am still all of those things, and more.

Making things has always been my way of finding my way in the world.

Not long ago (okay, two houses ago) I discovered gardening, more specifically gardening with my California native plants with the intention to build a home for wildlife. We started small in a rental house, bought a house with a tiny 5,200 sq ft lot that was mostly house, and then, a few years ago, we moved to about a half an acre in the country. From a desolate compacted yard with only a few oak trees we are slowly transforming it into a home for wildlife of all kinds using, primarily, native plants.

I had no idea my love of making things and my love of plants would merge into art but they have.

I am a bookmaker and mixed media artist inspired by nature. I enjoy eco printing and using those natural dyed papers in my handmade books. In my shop you will find a variety of handmade books and journals, artists books, greeting cards, and much more.

When my art connects to someone else I feel the energy move between us, the emotional threads from my life begin to intertwine with theirs and neither of us is left untouched. I hope you will explore my art featured here and perhaps find something you love, something that will connect us both, and help complete the creative circle.

If you would like to read more about my published books and work as a poet, you can visit my writing website http://susantaylorbrown.com